Playout extracts

5" 45 CEIL026

the ceiling compact discs

Side A: 1) Playout I (Popcorn extract)

Side B: 1) Playout II (Fast Cut-up extract)


Due to the extremely limited run, no promotional copies were distributed; however a review appeared via Eld Rich Palmer and Metamorphic Journeyman- many thanks gentlemen.


From the label info: "In its continuing need to release high-fidelity music on low-fidelity mediums, The Infant Cycle presents a new, free lathe-cut taster of the "Playout" project (an earlier taster appeared on the CD supplement of Paris' Fear Drop magazine). Using the source of one carved record's playout groove, two brief snapshots to its transformation, returned to the snap, crackle and pop gene pool. The full versions should be available on CD in 2004 courtesy of Merchants of Sound/Mutant Music. Limited to 40 copies". That statement makes clearer the arrival of an enigmatic parcel on a shiny day. At first sight I thought it was a strange looking CD, but double pressed plate with info - 45 RPM got me surprised!!! I guess this gem, limited to 40 copies, must have become an object of desire for many record collectors! As the title suggests, there are two excerpts from larger works we'll get to know soon. Jim Dejong follows the path of "Ephedrin Bird Samba" 3" CD-R on Locus of Assemblage - aesthetic sound works; although this time we get harsher, rumbling sounds with micro noises and drones. There're only a few minutes of music that will sure excite curiosity in consumers of works from Jeph Jerman, MSBR, Eso Steel and others of that ilk... I am looking forward too!!!
Krzysztof Sadza


THE INFANT CYCLE are one of those groups who are just waiting to fulfill their full potential. Their past releases have all been interesting slices of experimental self-indulgence, and are all worthy of exploration. In this brief CD-sized taster, they seem to have reached a point where the promise is fulfilled. To describe it as rhythmic does the strange Industrial ambience an injustice - it is cyclic, probably based on loops, and thus has a strict tempo. But the sounds - somewhere between broken scratched found sounds and live environment ambience, go way beyond it's initial promise. A limited edition release which is probably impossible to find now, but the album is on its way, and that should be a killer for all lovers of the weird.

"Playout I (Popcorn Extract)": A thinly-sliced taster for what might just be a must-own album. Despite the cyclic 'rhythm' at the centre of this piece, which sounds 'found' (almost a home or garden accidental sound), it is the richly varied ambience which is the track's true strength- from rainy open air reflections to railway carriage ambience through a dry and arid airless sound. And the changes occur in such a way as to be a deliberate part of the accidental rhythm. Think early PAN SONIC braving the world outside.

"Playout II (Fast Cut-Up Extract)": More electronic than the other side, yet no less intriguing, THE INFANT CYCLE terraform their own planet and communicate with alien insects on this minute scry into the forthcoming "Playout" album. Dry creaking noises form layers over one another, breaking and echoing in a creepy sound which, despite lacking obvious ambience, works well to conjure an atmosphere at the edge of the fear of the unknown.
Antony Burnham

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