Periodical II

3" CDR CEIL030

the ceiling periodical series

THE INFANT CYCLE- 1) Unrelated Work Tapes 5/14/06

ARC- 2) Raw Circle

Chain D.L.K.

The Infant Cycle - Unrelated Work Tapes pointillistic evolutionary waves of iconic life forms - new realms of auditory generation - joyful embraces - jagged children incensed by time - a bidding and biding - the path of patient distress is followed - ARC - Raw Circle hesitant ambience - on the verge without fear - point of fact point of view - square seven - phonetic flight of fancy - arrival of the fittest - winged meme
John Gore

Touching Extremes

The Ceiling has an ongoing series of split 3-inch CDs involving The Infant Cycle with other Canadian artists working in the same areas of experimental music. These releases are meant to set interesting collaborations between entities "working outside existing genres and subgenres". This particular disc is a very enjoyable one, as The Infant Cycle have re-elaborated a series of past tracks into a wholly new creature. An initial series of skips, loops and gentle noises leaves the scene to an array of hypnotic deformities ranging from the sweetly sinister to the moderately industrial. Nothing too harsh, everything totally endearing. ARC released a great album on Small Voices in 2005, "The circle is not round" (see review). The track presented here was one of the basics for that CD, being the usual fetching mixture of loops and gentle percussion, fragmented and pasted until it becomes a tapestry for oneiric activities. Since less than 20 minutes of this excellent material is not enough for this writer, once again the "repeat" function is recommended (looks like I've recently activated my own "repeat" too about this matter... or is this a way to avoid the commonplace "repays repeated listenings"?)
Massimo Ricci


This is part of a series of mini-CDRs. The series is a collection of groups splitting some space with The Infant Cycle. This one is a split with ARC. These are limited edition and priced to go. The first track by The Infant Cycle is a 10 minute long atmospheric noise piece. It has some distant ringing like an extra-dimensional vibration accompanied by some scratching that sounds like an old dusty needle on an ancient phonograph. It has a bit of a chilling effect. You might get a bit a little tense listening to this one. You might also gain the satisfying feeling of adventure and exploration that I got. ARC has a much more overtly musical feel to it. Though we're not talking about humming a melody here, It might not be all that different from what you hear played at the local planetarium or as soundtrack material for something on Discovery channel when they are doing a show on the mysteries of astrophysics. It is a little dark and it does plunge a bit into the unknown, but I felt fairly comfortable with where it took me. Together they make a nice little cerebro-stellar (did I just make up that word?) outing for the person who can travel while sitting at home.
Carnal H. Coitus
Gonzo (Circus)

Enkel het hoesontwerp verwijst nog naar het originele opzet (een reeks van 7inches) maar het split project rond The Infant Cycle heeft uiteindelijk zijn weg gevonden naar streng gelimiteerd (tachtig exemplaren) 3inch cd-formaat. De serie bestaat steeds uit een track van moederproject The Infant Cycle en een bevriende artiest uit vaderland Canada. Voor nummer twee werd Aidan Baker alias Arc genviteerd. Beide deelnemers mikken op de dreun, zij het via een volledig verschillende werkwijze. Zo klinkt The Infant Cycle veel experimenteler met zijn mix van vervormde concrete geluiden (onder andere vogels, platengroeven, cimbalen en keukengerei). Arc levert basismateriaal voor zijn cd "The Circle Is Not Round" (zie Gonzo 74) dat zoals gewoonlijk zweeft op resonerende gitaarkasten, eenvoudige akkoorden en etnische percussie. In elk geval zijn deze "Periodicals" een aangename manier om kennis te maken met enkele ontontgonnen geluiden uit de Canadese ondergrond.
Peter Vercauteren

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