Periodical III

3" CDR CEIL031

the ceiling periodical series

THE INFANT CYCLE- 1) Unrelated Work Tapes 11/25/06

ANTMANUV- 2) Beyond The Garden


The Ceiling has always had some odd projects. The theme of this project is to pair of The Infant Cycle with other "...artisits in the Southern Ontario region of Canada...intends to bring together artists working outside existing genres and subgenres..." Each mini-CD-R is released in (of course) a limited run. The infant cycle does a track called "Unrelated Work Tapes 11/25/06" Sounds listed include "birds, cookery, carved vinyl record playout groove, electric guitar, shortwave, and feedback generators." This is really a lot for the uninnitiated mind to handle. They do what? Don't worry, when it all comes down to it, what Infant Cycle is doing is using field recordings, white noise, and unique record scratching technique to create some sort of sound sculpture wich you can chalk up to experimental ambient noise. This is a project that I have followed for a long time now, and let me tell you with utmost confidence, they have never doen anything normal, but they have never freaked me out to the point that I don't want to hear what is going on. I like what I hear. It is actually a bit soothing. Antmanuv does a track called "Beyond the Garden." They went a bit of a different route to get to the same place. The goal of this track was to "not use any non organic data." With this you get a nice minimalistic recording that sounds very urban and spacious. I'm drawn to this one a little bit more, and I can't put my finger on the reason. Maybe its my natural affinity for organic sound? Could be. This bargain basement project from a reputable and tested DIY experimental label makes for a great collectors item, and if you listen, it might even inspire you to experiment too.
Carnal H. Coitus


Thank God for people like Jim DeJong. The guy has been running The Ceiling for several years now, and it has proven to be at the forefront of experimental and avant garde music in Canada. I have been familiar with this operation for a number of years, and I am consistently impressed by the daring sounds it promotes and distributes. Jim really must be commended for all his hard work. Daring, hard working souls like him are becoming more and more of a rarity.

Here we have a mini CD featuring the work of two experimental outfits: The Infant Cycle and Antmanuv. The work by both of these artists perfectly represents the output of The Ceiling. They are both minimal, highly evocative pieces that shun any conventional trappings. These are essentially soundscapes that transport the listener to other environments. Overall, this collection is also titled Periodical Three, and it appears that a series of these mini discs are going to be released over time, each one featuring the work of "artists in the southern Ontario region of Canada". I look forward to further releases in the series!
Gary Flanagan


In its Periodicals series, The Ceiling issues split mini-CDRS between The Infant Cycle and other artists from the southern Ontario region. The third installment, a 3-inch disc produced in an 80-copy run, pairs The Infant Cycle with Cambridge resident Antmanuv (Tomane Vinagreiro). In The Infant Cycle's meditative "Unrelated Work Tapes 11/25/06", noises creak and swarm and bell tones softly shimmer over a clicking rhythm bed, the locomotive pulse akin to a heartbeat and the cumulative effect more lulling than abrasive. (The Infant Cycle generated the piece using guitar, shortwave, feedback generators, birds, cookery, and a carved vinyl groove.) Antmanuv's eight-minute "Beyond The Garden" is peaceful too albeit in a wholly different way, given that its loops are built entirely from organic field noises of birds, distant train horns, and environmental sounds. How splendid to discover experimental music of this caliber emanating from Hamilton, Ontario.
Ron Schepper

Touching Extremes

The latest chapter in the "Periodical" 3-inch CD series by The Ceiling is on the short side, but the mere 14 minutes of this disc are inversely proportional to the quality of the music presented. The Infant Cycle's "Unrelated work tapes 11/25/06" is a compelling pulse-based track where "birds, cookery, carved vinyl record playout groove, electric guitar, shortwave and feedback generators" create a sustained repetition that could recall both Paul Schčtze and Tuxedomoon at a first glance, but after repeated tries the piece subtends a life and a sound completely of its own - and fascinating, too. Antmanuv's "Beyond the garden" gathers urban field recordings made in Cambridge, Ontario in 2004 that the composer "stabilizes" into a splendid loop until the end of the track: birds, train horns and distant engines define the mental borders of an apparently endless recurrence, which instead leaves us asking for more after about eight minutes.
Massimo Ricci

Chain D.L.K.

Periodical lll, as titled, is the third from a series of split releases between Jim Dejong of The Infant Cycle and fellow artists in the nearby Ontario, Canada region. Here, Dejong collaborates with Tomane Vinagreiro, better known as Antmanuv, a Portuguese expat now living in Ontario.
The Infant Cycle's 'Unrelated Work Tapes 11/25/06' opens with minimal pulse-like beats that morph into textured rhythms by employing cookery, shortwave, guitar, carved vinyl playout groove, feedback generators, and birds. It adds a nice touch knowing the careful detail behind the instrumentation used here. Antmanuv's 'Beyond the Garden,' strays towards field recordings of birds, trains, and urban movements with an aim to emphasize daily environmental surroundings.
This release is not other than what you'd expect to hear but certainly not anything less, both artists offer promising tracks that leave much curiosity for what's next to come.
Published on Dejong's own label, The Ceiling, this 2 track 15 minute release is only a brief tasting of each artist's somewhat contrasting styles, albeit a pleasant listen, indeed.
Diane Granahan

Heathen Harvest

From Ontario comes this latest installation of split EPs intended as a sort of snapshot of the respective artists' work at a given point in time. As a concept this works well, especially given the brevity of the pieces (the series was originally intended to be released as split 7' records). Each 'periodical' is limited to 80 copies and, if this one is any indication, represents some interesting electronic music from a region that warrants further exploration.

The Infant Cycle (aka Jim Dejong) has been kicking around since 1992 on various labels and in collaborations. He offers up a track that is 'a rethinking back to the sources, and projections outwards of releases past, future and non-existent.' If that's too esoteric then I'm here to tell you that it's a work of digitally-rendered concrete music in which the artist sites the use of birds, cookery, carved vinyl, guitar, shortwave and feedback generators. The source material is collated into an ambient rhythmic pattern that wouldn't be out of place on an early Scanner release or some of the more left-field output of Autechre. It's pleasantly delicate and although repetitive, full of subtle alterations to the primary loop. My only complaint is that, given the nature of the sources, some of the samples sound too digital...if that makes any sense. Either way it works perfectly within this format, as a little nugget plucked out of time and space.

The track from Antmanuv, a multimedia artist, is almost pure static bliss. Quotidian sounds (what the artists calls organic data) are looped with very little, if any, subsequent treatment. I'm a sucker for field recordings and for me this is the epitome of ambient acousmatic music. It's obviously an urban landscape that's been captured here : traffic din, a train whistle, birds and some vaguely industrial sounds are identifiable. The way in which the sounds are collaged actually give the piece a melodic and rhythmic texture that becomes more defined as it plays on.I could listen to this all day long, especially with the windows open and my own urban environment interacting with it on a Cageian level. Too short...wrong format, but beautiful.

If the point of these vignettes is to alert the listener and induce curiosity, then I salute The Ceiling for a job well done. If it's to appeal to a fetish for miniatures they've succeeded there as well. I've personally researched both of these artists as a result of this disc and am very pleased with what I've found. I suggest you do the same.
Michael Thomas Jackson


The periodical are a series of split Mini-Cdrs between the Canadian acts THE INFANT CYCLE and other artists, and this time both acts have released one track each including interesting arguments when searching for experimental drone sounds. THE INFANT CYCLE "Unreleased Work Tapes 11/25/26" develops drone sounds fragmented by feedback generator and oscillators which mould in a perfect way when hearing the whole structure of the track based on these repetitive short wave sounds. ANTMANUV "Beyond The Gardens" starts more into ambient atmospheres created by bird sounds, bells and urban minimal loops. Both Canadian artists express their personal visions through experimental sounds creating a very interesting release worth to ask.

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