Left Ear Revolt (Mysterious Disco 2009-2012)


the ceiling limited

1) Shiny Venus (over 2) Shiny Venus (detail 1) 3) Shiny Venus (detail 2) 4) Red Mars Over Main W. 5) Untitled (edit) 6) Untitled (excerpt) 7) Untitled (abridged) 8) Shiny Venus Over Stuart St. detail 2 (unabridged) 9) Charlotte no. 3


Vital Weekly

The first three pieces on this collection of older and obscure pieces by Jim de Jong's The Infant Cycle, have been reviewed in Vital Weekly 756, and consists of music made with a Fender bass guitar and birdcages. "The three tracks, spanning merely twelve minutes, are subdued outings in the ambient land, of droning buzzing vibrating sounds. Its nice, but ever so short. These pieces could have at least been twice the length! The music deserves it very much. And of course a proper format!" Now its on a proper format with six more pieces from the period 2009-2012 and apparently he explores here the terrain of 'stringed instruments and found objects'. In his twenty year career, spanning over a hundred releases, The Infant Cycle does what he always does best: play dark ambient music with a fine twist. Occasionally things are a bit more noise like, but its never long or over the top. More like a machine park humming at night, such as 'Untitled (excerpt)'. But The Infant Cycle - hardly in its infancy anymore after twenty years of recordings and releasing - are at its best when the tone is ambient, the mood is dark and everything a bit unsettling. Ambient industrial at its best. Not the most original, new voice in town, but someone who consistently delivers fine music.
Frans de Waard

Culture Is Not Your Friend!

Massive Underground album releases are forever placed somewhere in the damp space between total public ignorance to underrated bands and the mere bombardment of home made editions of 20 copies per album that are distributed among friends. Sometimes it's even both. I read that the Infant Cycle had appeared on about one hundred different releases prior to this compilation of rare materials, and I wonder about these releases as I am listening to this great collection of eerie drones and almost ritual, dark urban peculiarities.

The sounds on this album come from sources that vary from Trombone to Birdcage, and while The Infant Cycle explores these sound combinations it creates dark corridors of echoing ringing in the process. It's a haunting experience, and if you take, for example, track number 5, as it slowly pulses through infinitely feedbacked sound waves that somehow manage to both sooth the mind and terribly taste it as well, it's a hypnotizing experience as well. Highly recommended.

Wonderful Wooden Reasons

Aww man. It's been way, way, waaay too long since the music of The Infant Cycle graced these speakers. He's been featured in these pages a few times in the past and it's always a joy to have him back. Indeed the opening three tracks come from one of those previous visits ('Plays Fender Bass Guitars and Bird Cages of Unknown Origin'). As ever, it's the magnificent way in which he handles rhythm and pulse that gives DeJong's music it's unique character filling his compositions with jittering and carousing life. Married to these are an array of colourful and vibrant tones and drones which produce music that breathes and expands and grows as each track progresses and as the album unfolds.

Ian Holloway


Innerhalb der unendlichen Droneschleifen gehort Jim DeJong mit THE INFANT CYCLE zu den experimentierfreudigen Protagonisten, das er auch auf seinem aktuellen Werk "Left Ear Revolt (Mysterious Disco 2009-2012)" unter Beweis stellt, wof�r er nicht nur Gitarren- & Basslinien als Grundstoff verwendet, sondern auch einen Vogelk�fig wie ein Gleisgel�nde.

Gleich vieler THE INFANT CYCLE Arbeiten erschien ebenfalls "Left Ear Revolt (Mysterious Disco 2009-2012)" �ber den hauseigenen Verlag The Ceiling, der die EP inklusive rarem & unver�ffentlichtem Material als CD-R im schmalen Pappcover (in Plastikfolie) herausgibt.

Zur Inspiration diente Jim DeJong gro�teils die gl�nzende Venus, aber auch der Mars, Charlotte & unbekannte Faktoren, deren Einfl�sse sich in meist flie�ende, aber verquaste Strukturen ergie�en, welche nur selten in noisige Sph�ren abdriften. Im Gegensatz zu den meisten Interpreten in dieser Szenerie greift der Kanadier auch auf (industrielle?) Rhythmik zur�ck, die er gleichberechtigt unter die Droneschleifen legt, wodurch das H�rerlebnis zeitweilig sehr anspruchsvoll ausf�llt. Diejenigen, die von Drones mehr als nur Atmosph�re & Intensit�t erwarten, erleben auf "Left Ear Revolt (Mysterious Disco 2009-2012)" von THE INFANT CYCLE Komplexit�t, Abwechslungsreichtum & Eigenst�ndigkeit. Hei�t, wem der Standardkram, der auf reinen Gitarren- & Basslinien beruht, aus den Ohren herauskommt, sollte diese brillante Vorstellung des Jim DeJong antesten, wo sich nach einigen H�rdurchl�ufe immer neue Details ergeben � Wahnsinn! Anspieltipp? Wer eloquente Abendbesch�ftigung sucht, die durch Unvorhersehbarkeit besticht, d�rfte "Left Ear Revolt (Mysterious Disco 2009-2012)" von INFANT CYCLE auf ganzer L�nge zusagen.


Viel Gleichklang, Vorhersehbarkeit & Anspruchslosigkeit bestimmt das Geschehen innerhalb der Szenerie, hingegen Jim DeJong mit THE INFANT CYCLE zeigt das Gegenteil, den Intensit�t bzw. Dichte kann die Mehrheit, aber Komplexit�t & Abwechslung nur die Wenigsten, das "Left Ear Revolt (Mysterious Disco 2009-2012)" eindrucksvoll vermittelt � meine absolute Empfehlung!

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