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AAL- Disc 1 + Inherited 2CDR (Afe, Italy) $21
Dark drone work previously released in private editions, combined together in this double set. Limited to 50 numbered copies

A034 THE INSIDER- Lobotomatik CD (Tijuana Records/Bar La Muerte, Italy) $17
Interesting release from this Italian artist; comparisons could be made to some of the artists on the renowned Warp Records, yet this CD features music that move into darker and more experimental directions. A richly varied release.

AGOG- Dust Is Their Food And Clay Their Meat LP (Anomalous Records, U.S.A.) $19
Veterans of numerous cassette releases, Agog have released their first LP via Anomalous. A very concrete-sounding LP it is, with all manners of scratches, creaks, and pops arranging themselves into intriguing patterns. Not an easy listen by any means, but we're sure that wouldn't surprise you...

ALIO DIE- The Way Of Fire 7" EP (Drone Records, Germany) $10
Over the past decade, Alio Die has created an interesting body of work combining flutes, percussion, and synthesized drones (among other sounds) looped into beautiful atmospheres revealing areas of the natural world often hidden from view. Seems like just yesterday we had the first edition... Second edition of 300 copies on marbled blue vinyl.

ALLUN- Onussen CD (Bar La Muerte, Italy) $19
Newest CD from the Italian female quintet of improvisers, stretching from frantic noise-core, to delay-based zone-outs, to strange formless masses of children's toys and horn bleats. They have been referred to as the female Reynols, which will scare you or entice you (you know which side you fall on).

ALUMINUM NOISE- Totally Fucking Lost CD (Crimethinc., U.S.A.) $17
A re-issue of the already scarce CDR, and thankfully reprising the hand-painted sleeves. Aluminum Noise create a huge wall of ambient drones and harsh noise; constant waves of sound ebbing and flowing, resulting from source tapes from a 4-track and the ambient hum of an orchestra's last notes.

ANEMONE TUBE- :Existence CD (Auf Abwegen, Germany) $23
Cheaper price! Newest release from the German project- layers of distorted rhythms, haunting drones, and odd noises. Industrial noise for fans of early Orphx, and early pioneers like Throbbing Gristle and SPK. Numbered edition of 500 copies.

ANTI-VERSTAND- By The Song As The Wind CDR (Abgurd, Russia) $14
ANTI-VERSTAND - side-project of YAO 91404 D - is pretty known among adorers of Russian Noise due to tapes released by YAOP and a couple of CDR re-releases made by Abgurd and Fight Muzik. With "Song Like Wind" the project introduces absolutely new and fresh point of view on its Art.

ANTMANUV- Magnetic Field CDR (Antmanuv, Canada) $12
The first CD from the Canadian newcomer featuring permutations of recordings made during a violent lightening storm. Electrifying drones and strange found sounds, contorted and cut-up into short individual chapters - dreamlike and unusual. Re-edited and assembled by Jim DeJong (The Infant Cycle).

OSMAN ARABI - Burning Sigils CD (Fractured Spaces, UK) $16
A single 38 minute of deeply dark, hypnotic, shifting and mesmerising tribal-ethno-ambient from the heart of the Middle East, Lebanon.

ARCANE DEVICE- Devices 2CD (Monochrome Vision, Russia) $25
David Lee Myers and his feedback devices cutting swaths across two decades. Two discs of rare and unreleased material.

ARCHANGEL- Skulking CDR (Wreck Age, Canada) $13
Re-issue of the early cassette from this Montreal project, now with additional material. Long soundscapes incorporating various percussion objects, moody synth washes, telephone sounds, and various other sources.

ARCHANGEL- Music For Blizzards CDR (Wreck Age, Canada) $14
The flipside to Gestohlene Gut- five long tracks of deep, grainy atmospheres- the sound of dreams, drained of colour with only shades of grey left. The music for those isolated in their homes during the winter...

ARCHANGEL VS. ATMOSPHEH-RHYCXX- Ontogeny + Chill-Out Part 1 CDR (Wreck Age, Canada) $12
Another re-issue from the Wreck Age archives, conveniently uniting two older cassettes on one disc. Ontogeny is a half-hour live-on-the-radio recording, while Chill Out is just that- long tracks of electronics and found sound meant for total relaxation, at least for those with a large amount of noise damage in their diets.

ARCHON ORCHESTRA- Pong CD (Muzyka Voln, Russia) $22
The main instrument on this CD is the organ, which sounds in fast mechanical sequences a bit unusual for our ears and more typical for the Berlin school of electronic music. Simple compositional structure meets vivid expression, liturgical atmosphere and a sublime metaphysical line running through the whole concept of the project. From the people who brought you Cyclotimia and Sphere Rex, and may appeal to fans of Terry Riley or Philip Glass.

ARCHON ORCHESTRA- Cenotaph CD (Muzyka Voln/Monopoly Records/Shadowplay Records, Russia) $22
Together with the labels Shadowplay Records and Monopoly Records we are pleased to present you the second album of Archon Orchestra, produced by the well-known founder of Cyclotimia and Sphere Rex projects. "Cenotaph" continues the line started on the debut CD "Pong" - the sounds of a church organ harmoniously intertwine with delicate, subtle electronics while piano and strings mysteriously "float" under the arches of a gothic cathedral immersing the listener in light melancholia. Recommended for the lovers of both atmospheric soundtracks (Ludovico Einaudi, Eleni Karaindrou) and academic "minimalism" (Philip Glass, Terry Riley, Arvo Pärt). However it's also absolutely worth checking out for the fans of "neoclassic" and "ethereal".

Back in stock! A three-way split release between England's A.N., S.L.T. from New Zealand, and Veglia's own R.O.T. and Toss. Each project present an interesting take of electric guitars abused and used far out of any classic rock context, and mixed into a stew of unusual soundscapes. Perhaps ambient music taken to its most non-relaxing extreme?

AUGUR- Like Little Machines CD (The Rectrix, U.S.A.) $18
This is a document of a performance from the late summer of 1999. Augur use very discrete concrete sounds that constantly shift in dynamics and in their relation to the background and foreground of the pieces. Abstract sounds to reward careful listeners.

BALAAM GALANG- We Ran Out To Uranus CD (La Charrue Par Les Cornes, Canada) $16
Back in stock! Diverse sounds to investigate from this Canadian project, integrating drones, experimental electronic rhythms, and deep space music. Constantly fluctuating moods and ideas for the most attentive trances.

AIDAN BAKER/THE INFANT CYCLE- Rural Sprawl CDR (Zhelezobeton, Russia) $14
Reissue of the rare "Rural" CDR from 2001, this time with an additional half hour of newer material. A result of the revolving yin and yang generated by the performers, creating terrain without a map, dream awake. Numbered edition of 250 copies.

BAND OF PAIN- Sacred Flesh CD (Cold Spring Records, England) $22
This is the soundtrack of the movie "Sacred Flesh", that Band Of Pain were commissioned to score. The music fits perfectly with the images of Catholicism, sexuality and death: deep and brooding melodies over dark ambient textures. Includes a 16 page booklets featuring images from the film (please note: due to graphic content, there is a "parental advisory" warning. Sorry, kids!).

BEE HATCH- Brood CD (Lens, USA) $16
BEEHATCH is the new project from Phil Western and Mark Spybey, who met in Vancouver, whilst playing together in Download. Ten years have elapsed since they last worked together. During that time, Phil has released a number of solo and collaborative albums and has continued to work as part of both Download and platEAU (w/ cEvin Key of Skinny Puppy fame). He is also a producer and DJ. Mark has continued to release albums as Dead Voices on Air, Reformed Faction (a band formed with fellow Zoviet*France members) and has collaborated with many musicians, including members of Can and Faust.

DAVID BEHRMAN- Unforeseen Events CD (XI Records, U.S.A.) $21
Behrman has created many pieces based around software that he developed to interact with live performer. These pieces were initiated Ben Neill in mind. Neill plays the mutantrumpet- a horn with three separately playable and mutable bells. Instead of playing over a sequence, the computer software responds in real-time to the player.

JEREMY BIBLE/JASON HENRY- Ound CDR (Abgurd, Russia) $14
Sound artists Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry collaborate to fuse elements of musique concrete, acoustic, and electronic music. By means of conceptual, experimental, and algorithmic recording and processing techniques the duo seek to expose a synergetic relationship between real world found sounds, acoustic instrumentation, and electronic sound design. The duo's creative amalgamation of these elements have created a moody and growing body of sound works including albums and installations.

BIG CITY ORCHESTRA- Greatest Hits And Test Tones CD (Pogus Productions, U.S.A.) $20
Exactly as the title implies: Part new recordings of earlier BCO pop songs (featuring Daevid Allen and Mark Robson among others) and part physical manipulations of single band sine waves remixed by guests John Duncan, Brook Hinton, Monte Cazazza and G.X. Jupitter-Larsen. And what BCO CD would be complete without the sound effects?

TORE HONORE BOE- Solvstoy 7" 45 (Melektronikk, Norway) $10
Part of Safe As Milk's concert and 7" series for experimental music. The Origami leader's performance takes small objects on the stage, amplified and combined into ever growing waves of drones and exceedingly deep frequencies.

DANIELE BRUSASCHETTO- Mamma Fotimi CD (ZZZ.../RRR, Italy, U.S.A.) $18
The newest release from this Italian artist. Continuing the trajectory of Pance into hanging gardens of guitar dischord; sometimes surprisingly melodic, other times jarringly angry. Much of the drum programming on earlier releases are replaced by strange rhythmic manipulations of the abused guitars. Daniele's best release yet.

DANIELE BRUSASCHETTO- Paturnie 7" EP (HHETHH/Hax/Dumbo, Italy) $9
Daniele's first 7" from 1996. A bit more raw than the BELLIES/pance CD that followed, but still featuring grating, abrasive guitar under strangely melodic vocals. Recalling no-wave and early industrial, this release plunges into an underworld of it's very own.

DANIELE BRUSASCHETTO- Bluviola CD (Radon Studios, U.S.A.) $19
Daniele is back with a new album, going further into his fusion of melodicism, soundscapish textures and violent noise rock. A number of collaborators join on what may be the best release yet.

MONTY CANTSIN- Heap Of Ruins CD (Implant, Hungary) $21
Monty Cantsin incorporates his past as a Folk-singer in late '60s Hungary using strong and occasionally melancholic string sounds, combined with his more recent gripping noise sounds. On this release, Cantsin composes music to the writings of Endre Ady, a large influence on his work and Neoist philosophy.

MONTY CANTSIN AMEN- Noise Bible CD and book (Musicus Phycus, Canada) $24
The notorious art figure and founder of Neoism. This CD represents material recorded over the past few years. Strong vocal pieces with ominous electronics and extreme megaphone and scrap metal abuse. The book includes lyrics to all the tracks, images, and a healthy chunk of Cantsin's "Book of Neoism".

CHAOS AS SHELTER- In The Shelter Of Chaos CD (The Rectrix, U.S.A.) $19
Dark and turbulent pieces from this Israel-based project. Some of the darkest music released in recent years; not surprisingly on the Rectrix label.

CHILDREN OF ASMODEUS/THE INFANT CYCLE- split 10" EP (Moloko+, Germany) $14
Two tracks each from the British and Canadian (respectively) projects. The C.O.A. are a secretive organization associated with Delphium, exploring the grainiest sample rates and most fragmented drum'n'bass possible, yet very aggressive. The Infant Cycle strips the sound down to vinyl discs (audio and video) and shortwave- drones float over sparse, skewered beats. Cover art by Jim DeJong.

CHRONIC REMORSE- A Grainy Shade of Ambient 12" EP (Apogee Recordings, Canada) $10
C.R.'s first vinyl from 1995, containing two long tracks: One serene drone based piece of constantly overlapping tones, and a B-side of thick rhythm-based electronics.

CINISE/K.K. NULL- Freedom And Solitude 3" CDR (Sin Organization, Italy) $15
Split EP featuring two tracks from each. Japanese experimentalist Null displays his brand of ambient noise and skewed rhythm experiments, while the Italian group Cinise create a wall of strange subconscious rumblings. In folder cover.

CLONING EXPERIMENTAL FAILURE- Thousand Noises CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia) $17
This one easily gets our award for most beautiful handmade package, and we could write a lot of lines on how it looks. Sonically, one gets the sense of what regular dance music would sound like if it was dynamited from within- a million sounds fly in every direction (and distortion), yet still there is a cohesive and busy structure. 115 copies, numbered.

COCK E.S.P.- The Pride Of North American Noise CD (Breathmint/Ecstatic Peace/Ignomivous/Carbon etc., U.S.A.) $22
If you had any doubts about the claims of the title, this CD (co-released by five different labels) should dispel them. The American trio create eighteen different tracks of varied noise that fly at you from every direction, never sinking into repetitive boredom.

CONTAGIOUS ORGASM- Loop Floor 7" EP (Speeding Across My Hemispheres, Germany) $10
A collage of treated guitars, samplings, pounding percussion, and tuntablism. The two pieces change through an improvised mix of lush and abrasive elements- sometimes blending, sometimes colliding. Large fold-out poster cover.

CONTRASTATE- Extract No. 10 7" EP (Outsider Records, England) $10
The final release from the British project, before folding to pursue various other projects, and they go out in fine form. A driving and ominous release of looped samples and electronics, with Contastate's use of though-provoking text. Limited to 300 copies.

CORPUSSE- Surrender To The Passion CD (Total Zero, Canada) $16
What can you say about a CD that his so very few references to what has come before (except their previous work)? The liner notes reference both Daoism and Blackie Lawless from '80s metal band W.A.S.P. An interesting progression from their previous CD.

CTEPHIN- Duad 7" (Drone, Germany) $14
CTEPHIN is a curious "drone-family" built around the main couple StF & Aedria Hughes who create atmospheric & noisy soundscapes, with various friends and their 7 children. Calling themselves "Umbrella Noize Collective", they live to the: "Law of Liberty as laid out in Liber AL vel Legis". The two tracks develop in a lovely way; from pure ambience to noise and back. The same use of beautiful harmonics & noise-drones creates quite a special atmosphere, from NOISE LIGHT to LIGHT NOISE." Limited to 300 copies on golden vinyl.

DAB.AY.AH- Find The Canyon 7" EP (Suggestion Records, Germany) $10
A strange drone-rock project, incorporating layers of fuzzed-out guitars, and various layers of sound textures, blended into a big wall of sound. Maroon vinyl housed inside an equally multi-layered die-cut cover.

DACHISE- Twin Braids CD (Assemblage Point, England) $18
Brandishing a "beware of adults" slogan, Dachise create a crunchy mixture of distorted loops and harsh sonic terrorism. Originally released on cassette, now in digital bringing more clarity to their onslaught. Includes members of The Digitariat.

DE FABRIEK- Quatro-Erogenic CDR (Afe, Italy) $16
Long-running experimental group, active since the 1970s. The main theme and inspiration for "Quatro-Erogenic-Occupy Theme's Part II" comes from close encounters, otherworldy lifeforms, contactism and the whole space/alien cover-up, myth or truth in general.

DELICATE NOISE- Filmezza CD (Lens, USA) $16
Delicate Noise eloquently phrases personal, thought-provoking, emotional questions with a satisfying richness. And Steven Seibold (Hate Dept.) mixes these songs with kid gloves on, always allowing the delicate and childlike to come through unclouded.

MATTHIAS DELPHANQUE- Ma Chambre Quand Je N'y Suis Pas (Montreal) CD (Mondes Elliptiques, Canada) $19
This piece the stereo version of a sound installation presented at Montreal’s Studio Cormier in December 2004. It is the second part of the ‘’Ma chambre quand je n’y suis pas’’ series. The piece is based on the recording of “silences”, i.e. the recording of sound produced in spaces with no human presence. The sound of an “empty” Studio Cormier was therefore used as the material for the production of this piece. The sound takes were done during the quietest moments of the day, by means of microphones placed strategically throughout the Studio by the artist. The sounds gathered were then amplified, and their frequencies, accentuated to the extreme.

DELPHIUM-Our Tribe Of Nothingness 7" EP (Speeding Across My Hemispheres/Disaster Area, Germany) $9
New EP of older unreleased material from this British project. Hovering in the various regions that Delphium has staked out in the past, this is both relaxing and unsettling: a great addition to their volumous discography. Clear vinyl.

DELPHIUM- Nobody Sees The Monster In The Light Of Day... CD (Moloko+, Germany) $18
The long-awaited new CD, containing almost eighty minutes of reworked older material and new songs. New musical avenues are explored, yet always carrying the delphium signatures: deep ominous basslines, melancholic strings and sound washes, misbehaving rhythms... Beautiful cover as well from Ceiling associate Jenny DeJong.

DELPHIUM- Darkfloor 7" EP (The Ceiling) $9
The newest recordings from Delphium: two new exclusive tracks, and a taster of their upcoming album. This EP features many aspects of Delphium's sound: aggressive and deconstructed rhythms, churning basslines, haunted melodic fragments, and buzzing, abrasive sound overlays. If dance music stopped being made for the ecstasy crowd, and instead for those who abuse stuff found in their parent's medicine cabinet, this would be it.

DELPHIUM- Self Vs. Self 10" EP (Disaster Area, Germany) $17
Delphium continues to combine sprightly, misbehaving rhythms contrasting with dark, nocturnal sounds, melded with their characteristic ominous basslines (the EP is subtitled "Basslines of Death" after all). Amid the new material is an alternate version of "Take Me Home" from their latest CD.

DELPHIUM- Snowhill-X 7" EP (Drone Records, Germany) $10
Originally released in 1997, this was Delphium's most downbeat, cinematic hour, based around melancholic electronics, and dulcimer-like guitar, with string sounds and noises wafting around them like smoke. This is the second edition of 300 copies (red vinyl) with new cover art by the Ceiling team.

DELPHIUM- Dead On The Inside CD (Hibou, France) $18
This most recent Delphium CD was at one point shelved with a track here and there slipping out (including on our own Ceiling imprint), but happily the album has now been released. This release finds Delphium at their most pleasantly tuneful (collaborating with Sarah Ayers), or rhythmically abrasive, yet the entire release is ultimately very accessible.

DELPHIUM- Good Morning Heartache CD (Moloko+, Germany) $14
New EP from the prolific English project, featuring familiar Delphium trademarks- the grainy breakbeats, frame-rattling basslines, ominous sound effects... This release combines old unreleased material with new tracks, plus two remixes of the title track by AL.X and THE INFANT CYCLE.

DELPHIUM/THE INFANT CYCLE/RAMUNAS YARAS- "Heart Full Of Soul/Translation" 2x 3" CDR (Diophantine Discs, U.S.A.) $14
On Delphium's side of the fence, their disc delivers a solid set of churning caustic noise, introspective soundscapes, along with their trademark breakbeat mangle, and stomache gripping basslines (some rare recordings under their alter-ego Children of Asmodeus). On the "flipside" is The Infant Cycle collaborating with Endiche Vis.Sat and Magic Carpathians member Yaras, from free frenzies of harsh rhythms to sparse electro-acoustic spaces. In a pamphlet-sized sleeve, pro-printed and limited to 100 copies.

DERELICT- M.D.E.S. CDR (Derelict, Canada) $10
Derelict hail from Ottawa, creating a sort of rough and hyper rhythmic industrial sound. Features plenty of new material, as well as re-recordings from previous releases.

THE DIGITARIAT- I Created Over One Million Jobs CDR (The Locus of Assemblage, England) $15
An offshoot of Dachise, The Digitariat create a more rhythmic sound, while still retaining Dachise's love for over-the-top distortion. Imagine a digital hardcore album picked up and shook vigourously with pieces flying everywhere, and you may get an idea of untethered delights of this album. Limited to 200 numbered copies in large sleeve with poster.

DJ SPOOKY/ALAN LICHT- Backwards Forwards 10" 45 (Manifold Records, U.S.A.) $16
A part of the series of split 10"ers that DJ Spooky (Paul Miller) has curated for Manifold Records. Spooky's side shows a maverick experimental spirit twisting the DJ culture into areas previously unexplored, while Licht creates a side of a haunting minimal loop composition. Limited to 1999 numbered copies.

DJ SPOOKY/ARTO LINDSAY- Form Or Function 10" 45 (Manifold Records, U.S.A.) $16
The Elementz DJ Toolz series continues. Spooky continues to show diverse experiments with rhythms (and non-rhythms), while no-wave guitar wizard Lindsay delivers a blistering guitar journey. Limited to 1800 numbered copies.

DJ SPOOKY/TOBUKAZU TAKEMURA- Paysage Insolite 10" 45 (Manifold Records, U.S.A.) $16
Despite the Elementz DJ Toolz tag, Both Spooky and Takemura create inventive rhythmic pieces that stand well on their own, walking a tightrope between lush textures, and chilling atmosphere. Limited to 1800 numbered copies.

DREAMCATCHER- Prom Night/Eyes of Leatherface LP (.angle.rec., Canada) $18
Canadian noise duo with an extensive discography including releases on Ecstatic Peace!, Alien8 among others. This LP reissues to hard-to-find cassettes. Limited to 300 copies on clear vinyl.

DRONAEMENT VS. RABBIT'S SORROW- Between Two Thousand Years CD (Le Cri De La Harpe, France) $19
The "vs." in the title is not particularly accurate (implying a combative relationship)- in fact quite a good meshing of the electronics of Germany's Dronaement and the guitar-based experimentation of France's Rabbit's Sorrow. One of the nicer examples of subtly changing dronescapes out there.

EVIL MOISTURE- Gak LP (Quick Latin Handful, England) $18
Harsh noise, but harsh noise with a great deal of variety, surprises, and an odd sense of humour spread over thirty-three tracks.

FADLADDER- The Past CDR (Re:Set Records, U.S.A.) FREE!
A rarity here- this disc was initially pressed up accidentally in mono, withdrawn, and then ultimately cancelled before a stereo version could be issued. A pity, as besides Fadladder's strange and dark industrial attack, there is also a collaboration with SKYE KLAD, a THROBBING GRISTLE cover, and a remix of the title track by THE INFANT CYCLE. A few copies of the withdrawn mono version were found in our stock boxes, and are available free to those who want to hear it before it disappears for good.

TIM FOLJAHN- Obvious Urban Landscape CD (Old Gold, U.S.A.) $17
Foljahn has worked with numerous people (including Thurstin Moore). and has made numerous releases on his own as well. Obvious Urban Landscapes lives up to its title- layers of sounds, "musical" and otherwise into a dense tapes try. Packaged with a thick booklet of interesting dream-like writing.

FRRRANCK- Hale Bopp Brings Closure 2 Heaven's Gate 7" EP (Staubgold, Germany) $10
The adventurous leader of Westland is back combining disparate elements into an interesting whole. Elements of collage, electronic melodies, beats and lots of manic turntalism combined together with help from, E.A., Klangwart, Alain Neffe, Nomuzic and T.U.O.B.

FUNKSTILLESENDER untitled 3" CDR (Abgurd, Russia) $10
Drone noise from the Russian project. Limited to 50 copies. In small vinyl case.

ELLEN FULLMAN- Body Music CD (XI Records, U.S.A.) $21
Ellen Fullman's unique long String Instrument is an eighty-foot long instrument with approximately eighty strings, an outgrowth from her earlier work in sculpture. Requiring two to four players and a large room, sounds can have similarities to masses of electric guitars, distant train whistles, mandolins; rich with drones and overtones.

FUN-TOURIST- Face On/Take One 7" EP (Worm Interface, England) $10
A fun release, in which an almost commercial (albeit moody) sound collides with all sorts of unexpected electronic tomfoolery. Worm Interface has made a name for itself in the field of abstract IDM, and this record is a welcome addition.

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