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GRAVITAR- Edifier CD (Manifold Records, U.S.A.) $18
If you took the Stooges "L.A. Blues" freak-out and extended it into the psychedelic stratosphere, that would give you a good idea of the delirious noise-rock peaks that Gravitar reach. This release contains a cover Skip Spence's "Diana".

GREENMAN- Snakes On Ice CDR (Dangermuff Enterproses, Canada) $10
A sixteen-song retrospective of tracks ranging from the years 1993-98. A good introduction for the uninitiated, and lots of unreleased tracks and remixes for those familiar with the previous cassette and CDR releases.

HIMURO VS. KOICHI- Latest Gorgeous Energy LP (Worm Interface, England) $21
Two of Japan's most formula-destroying electronica artists share an LP. While each have their own personality, both share the characteristic of never letting the audience know where their funky noise will end up- surprising, yet cohesive.

HYENA HIVE- See Saw Savannah 7" (.angle.rec., Canada) $10
Relentless and abrasive power electronic with a hint of noise rock from the Montreal duo. Limited to 250 copies in a deluxe cardboard folder sleeve.

IF, BWANA- Breathing CD (Pogus Productions, U.S.A.) $20
Al Margolis and If, Bwana have a long history of interesting experimental music. Breathing is a strange journey incorporating piano, dijeridu, strings, voice and electronics; slowly evolving pieces always heading into surprising places.

ILLUSION OF SAFETY/LIFE GARDEN/VOICE OF EYE- The Nature Of Sand CD (Manifold Records, U.S.A.) $18
The title of this release is apt- constant shifts of soundscapes from three American experimental groups. Two lengthy tracks: the first is a collaboration between IOS and Life Garden; the second features IOS and VOE.

THE INFANT CYCLE- Old Plus Four CDR (EE Tapes, Belgium) $12
Back in stock! After a brief existence on the now-defunct label, Austenite Recordings, "Old Plus Four" is available again. Comprising of material from two deleted cassette singles along with additional material, The Infant Cycle's debut CD release is layers of non-MIDI rhythms from scratched records and drums, and tones from feedback and sources. Simultaneously soothing and jarring; this is something for the adventurous listener operating outside of genre norms. The Ceiling edition is now sold out, but we got in some copies of the EE edition (100 copies, numbered).

THE INFANT CYCLE- Remote CDR (EE Tapes, Belgium) $12
After a long wait, the new Infant Cycle release is here. Comprised of three long tracks, this is the more "difficult" side of the project. Constant changes in texture, sudden contrasts, rhythms that flex and contract, and structures that reveal themselves as something very different than what they seemed on the surface- not background music...

THE INFANT CYCLE- Ephedrin Bird Samba 3" CDR (The Locus of Assemblage, Scotland) $10
The newest single continuing the sound explorations, released at the ten-year point of The Infant Cycle's existence. This time there is a more raw, immediate quality, using violent scraps of sound and jagged noise, tempered by more meditative moments. 200 numbered copies in full-colour wrap-around sleeve (art by Jenny DeJong).

THE INFANT CYCLE- Playout CDR (Zhelezobeton, Russia) $12
Limited to one rhythm-carved record playout groove, and operational record player sounds (augmented by violin bow and razor blade), The Infant Cycle creates a half-hour exploration through all the sounds possible. Harsher rhythmic timbres fly through into quieter microtonal terrain, the static interrupted by spasms of unstability. Numbered edition of 250 copies.

THE INFANT CYCLE- A Mysterious Disc CDR (The Ceiling, Canada) $10
A mysterious disc!

THE INFANT CYCLE- Secret Hidden Message 7" EP (Drone Records, Germany) $10
Released on Germany's highly-regarded curated 7" series comes three exclusive Infant Cycle tracks. Listen for the message within the folds of shifting sound masses and dreams made from inhaling instrument fumes, or as Drone Records themselves succinctly put it: "File under Multi-Layed Drone Hypnotism". First edition of 300 copies in multi-layed hand-made cover and smoky grey translucent vinyl.

THE INFANT CYCLE- Trialism - Clear Shapes Stereo 2x3" CDR (Abgurd, Russia) $14
The Infant Cycle, together with the Abgurd label from Russia, bring you Trialism- managing to reissue four entire releases in the span of just six tracks. The first disc brings together the original stereo mixes for the three shaped one-side lathe 8" (all limited to 40 copies each), Clear Square, Clear Hexagon, and Clear Triangle (2002-2004), while the second disc brings together the much belated (2005) Clear Shape B-Sides, originally an online EP. With the previous formats' necessity for compactness, this may be one of the best places to start for those dipping into the The Infant Cycle universe...

THE INFANT CYCLE- The Sand Rays CD (Diophantine Discs, U.S.A.) $16
First new full length by The Infant Cycle in a couple of years finds the culmination of pinball reverberations and multi-layered drones of earlier releases refracted further through broken cords, near-empty batteries, broken equipment. An uneasy coexistence of peaceful thoughts and harsher actions from a body with many independent limbs... In Diophantine's trademark high quality card wallet sleeve.

THE INFANT CYCLE- A Mysterious Disc 3" CDR (The Ceiling, Canada) $7
Description not available.

CEIL035 THE INFANT CYCLE- Left Ear Revolt (Mysterious Disco 2009-2012) CDR (The Ceiling, Canada) $12
Collecting recent EP, rare and unreleased tracks into one package, we have here the most recent manifestations of the subconscious electro-acoustic rock drone clatter, and perhaps the best introduction for the uninitiated.

THE INFANT CYCLE- Drop-Out Center CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia) $16
The twentieth anniversary of The Infant Cycle brings the new full-length CD, still pushing further into the abstract and often contradicory impulsive flux between harsh and also deep and dreamlike sound areas. You don't get this far without learning a few tricks. Limited to 300 numbered copies.

THE INFANT CYCLE/ANTMANUV- Periodical III 3" CDR(The Ceiling, Canada) $7
The newest edition of the Periodical series! THE INFANT CYCLE presents more "Unrelated Work Tapes"- part of series of that is both deeply interconnected (to other parts and future and past Infant Cycle tracks), yet can be heard on their own. Like much of the Ceiling catalogue, what is seemingly chaos later reveals itself as something else, and features much of the Infant Cycle's uneasy balance between abrasive textures, and quiet meditation- a balance often on the verge of tipping over. Over the past few yeras, ANTMANUV has created a diverse body of work in many different mediums. On this release, he has contribued a piece of wholly organic sound, a dense and growing entity of everyday sounds propelled into a hypnotic sphere of the familiar moved into unfamiliar territory. Once again a "budget-priced release of 80 copies only".

THE INFANT CYCLE/THE ANCIENT TAPES OF INDU MEZU- In Between And In Both Sides In The Same Time CDR(Cold Graey, Russia) $10
Collaborative EP between the two projects. Russian Indu Mezu work on anomalous sound sleeping computer interface recordings, while The Infant Cycle tackle a stolen Soviet computer data tape. Strange penetrating sound works from both projects. Very limited at 57 copies.

THE INFANT CYCLE/DRONAEMENT- Split CDR (Cohort Records, U.S.A.) $14
Eight years after the millenial Klab release, the projects team up again. The Infant Cycle provide three tracks of of angular and abstract dronework and field recording transformations, while Dronaement provides a suite of warm and flowing analogue soundscapes aimed right at the subconsious. Limited to 100 copies.

THE INFANT CYCLE/UPHOLD- Our Past Present (Now Then) 2x3" CDR (Afe Records, Italy) $14
One disc each from the Canadian soundscapers, featuring deep glacier-wash soundscapes, fidgety crackles and pops, unexpected twists and turns, and disquieting tales. Limited to 100 copies.

INSTANT MOVIE COMBINATIONS- 5.Now 3" CDR (Abgurd, Russia) $12
EP from the Russian hypnotic drone project. Limited to 50 copies.

INTRAVENE- Flotation Toy Warning CD (Auf Abwegen, Germany) $22
Cheaper price! Intravene is a collaboration between Steve Pittis (Band Of Pain) and Stephen Meixner (Contrastate). Not surprisingly, the basis of this project seems to combine the styles heard in both artists' previous work, but there are moves into deeper, more complex interactions between both elements, as well as some surprisingly discreet drum'n'bass elements.

JADA- self-titled 10" EP (Inner Landscapes, Holland) $16
The prolific Dutch duo make life difficult for those trying to describe them. A strange mixture of sound-collage, twisted lounge music, psychedelic improvisations, drones in a refreshing tossed-off manner with a bizarre pop sensibility.

KIRCHENKAMPF- Lazarus Rising CD (Cohort Records, U.S.A.) $17
Back in stock! The first CD release from kirchenkampf. Carefully building layers of electronics housed in a hand-made cover.

KIRCHENKAMPF- The First Circle CDR (Cohort Records, U.S.A.) $18
Back in stock! Yet another wonderful release from this American artist. First edition of 50 numbered copies, with beautifully painted jewel box and CD surface (not the playing side, of course!).

KIRCHENKAMPF/CELESTIAL RESEARCH- self-titled enhanced-CDR (Cohort Records, U.S.A.) $17
The first half of this release presents three Mpegs of haunting visuals from Celestial Research (with soundtracks provided by kirchenkampf). The second half contains some new great recordings from the American project.

Back in stock! An hour long voyage into the outer limits (whether space or psyche) by these two American projects. Emphasizing constant shifts in texture, and slow motion drones, this may be the most trance-inducing release from both projects. Like The First Circle CDR, this release sports a great painted jewel box design.

KNURL- Exotosemia CDR (Cohort Records, U.S.A.) $17
Yet another new release from this prolific noisician. Harsh walls of noise, like you've come to expect from this project: a recommendation or warning, depending on your tastes. Amazing package- impossible to describe here, but it does involve nuts and bolts and sandpaper.

KNURL/KORYPHAIA- self-titled split CD (Galactique Records, Canada) $17
Two Canadian noise artists share this CD. Knurl is well-known in noise circles for his escalating pieces of metal-based (the material, not the music!) distortion. Koryphaia finish off the disc with a long drone-based (but no less harsh) piece, with many sounds swirling in and out of the mix. Numbered edition of 500 copies.

KOLPSKOPF- Wet CDR (Cold Graey, Russia) $16
Kolpakopf was based in the end of 2005 by Mihkail Lyonushkin in Rostov. Album Wet was recorded in 2007. Musically it’s a dark ambinet on the edge of microsound. You can actually feel wet caverns, as if you were there. As if you were it. Nine tracks with no names. Very strong debut from promising musician. The release presented as a handmade DVD-sized sleeve. Limited to 57 copies.

DAVID KRISTIAN- Micronymph Vs. Meganymph 12" 45 (Wikkid Records, Canada) $15
Montreal man of the moment David Kristian has produced a lot of diverse releases. This time around, he presents us with three tracks of frenetic rhythms mixed with melodic synths and pulses. Bits of harsher sounds maintain an edge that Kristian is known for, but fans of offbeat IDM will enjoy this one as well.

KSHATRIY- Transforming Galaxy CD (Muzyka Voln, Russia) $22
Light-dark (?) ambient music from the Russian project. Varied and warm drones and melodic spaciness. In deluxe six-panel digipack.

BRIAN LADD- The Unsubmitted Themes For Hellraiser CD (Auf Abwegen, Germany) $22
Cheaper price! Ladd, along with Julie Frith, was the leader of the Psyclones, and the Ladd-Frith organization. On this release, he creates 24 "miniature melodies"; stark and mysterious tracks of various looped samples. While not actually having anything to do with the Barker film, we do think this beats Coil's unreleased themes . Numbered edition of 501 copies.

LENS CLEANER TRIO- C.D. + Lens Cleaner LP (The Ceiling) $16
The Lens Cleaner Trio hail from Argentina, a country that we have discovered has a great deal of unusual experimental musical emanating from within. This LP has its genesis in an improvised session conducted in 1999 by Jose Marchi (guitar), Marcelo Aguirre (drums). and C.D. (electronics). After the initial recordings, C.D. took the recordings and disassembled them, constructing new sound shapes from the various puzzle pieces. The results are what C.D. calls "electro-acoustic rock"; we have a hard time coming up with any type of descriptive term. Always shifting, always changing; both jagged and ambient- an LP that holds up to countless listens.

LETHE- Sleep Digest CD (Pale-Disc, Japan) $18
Lethe are a Japanese duo, incorporating stringed instruments, percussion and electronics in very unusual combinations- pieces that jump through various moods in quick succession, with startling stereophonic shifts. Not exactly ambient, but very atmospheric sound collages.

RUNE LINDBLAD- Objekt 2 CD (Pogus Productions, U.S.A.) $20
Originally released on C.M. von Hausswolff's Radium 226.05 label. Rune Lindblad composed over two hundred works, yet much of it is extremely rare. This compilation collects nine pieces from the years 1962-1988. Difficult and unique electronic and concrete works.

FRANCISCO LOPEZ- Untitled (1999) CD (Subsound Records, Australia) $19
A new addition to the Spanish composer's large discography of sound exploration. Using location recordings, Lopez creates hypnotic and always fascinating sculptures of dense sound, often using dynamic extremes of volume, textures, and frequencies. The comparatively short tracks on this release make a good introduction, or addition to his work.

FRANCISCO LOPEZ/STEVE RODEN- Le Chemin Du Paradis CD (Fario, France) $22
The newest installment in Fario's split-CD series finds the two artists of environmental sound construction in fine form. One long track of building intensity from each, as well as a collaborative track between the two (a trademark of the Fario split series) makes this ideal introduction, or an essential addition for those in the know.

LOTUS- Garbage In, Lotus Out CD (Breathmint/Freedom From/Ignivomous/Sunship, U.S.A.) $20
How does one describe this? Crazy programming blurts of funky/heavy/chaotic speedcore, stop and start riffs, seemingly intending to confound your expectations of where the song is heading. If the music wasn't one-of-a-kind enough, it's topped off by a competing duo vocalists ranting at the top of their lungs and range. Weird disc (fun too)...

LOW END ENSEMBLE-untitled CDR (.angle.rec., Canada) $14
Montreal noise duo, using bass, synths and "noisy things", and the latter is what you could describe the four pieces on this disc as (in a good way, of course). Limited to 150 copies in a slim DVD case.

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