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MARCUS MAEDER- Solipsistic_Motion LP (Domizil, Switzerland) $21
Intriguing new release from this member of the Swiss Domizil family. Maeder shares other Domizil artists interest in very sharply edited sounds arranged into compositions that unveil many surprises. Very clean production pressed onto very high-quality vinyl.

MAEROR TRI- Hypnotikum II LP (Poeta Negra/Absurd #5, Greece) $16
These recordings are based on loops used for live shows in 1996, and as such, are more based around repetitive rhythms, almost like a submerged dream memory of drone-rock. Slightly more harsh than much of their other output, but their trademark drones and amorphous sonic drifts are certainly present in all their glory.

MAEROR TRI- Hypnotikum I LP (Soleilmoon, U.S.A.) $18
Having had part two here for quite a while, finally we have the first installment. Like its companion, this is material based on the material prepared for live shows in 1996, with the German Tri-o showing all its faces- the deep rumbling frequencies, thunderous rhythms, thick drones, ultra-echoed guitar... Cover by Mars from the Vance Orchestra.

MAEROR TRI- The AVE Tapes/Live In Nevers CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia) $25
This album contains the last previously unreleased recordings by Maeror Tri. Four tracks are fragments of the band's 12-hour concert at the "Audio-Visual-Experimental" festival in Arnhem, The Netherlands, on November 11th, 1995; the fifth track is a part of their performance at the "Musique Ultimes" festival in Nevers, France, on May 14th, 1995. The material was thoroughly remastered by Sergey Uak-Kib (Kshatriy) and the artwork was prepared by Sergey Ilchuk (Vresnit & Vetvei Art).

LASSE MARHAUG- One Eye And Watching 7" 45 (Melektronikk, Norway) $11
The second part of Melektronikk series presided over by the Safe As Milk label, the ever-prolific Marhaug gives us two tracks of strange, minimal sounds fluttering in and out of focus combined with deep resonating frequencies.

MEERKAT- Kapnos CD (afe, Italy) $20
The Meerkat ensemble is formed by a small group of Italian musicians and friends working in the field of experimental music, drones, microsounds and field recordings. They are: Adriano Zanni/Punck, Matteo Uggeri/Hue, Luca Sigurtà, Luca Bergero/Fhievel, Davide Valecchi/aal, Andrea "Ics" Ferraris, Fabio Selvafiorita, Paolo Ippoliti & Laura Lovreglio (Logoplasm) and Andrea Marutti/Amon.

MELANCHOLICS- Masking My Monkey 7" (Drone, Germany) $14
The german trio working on dark guitarish & very filmic sound-drones, "thick atmospheric darkness" at its best. Dark blue vinyl, different coloured silk-screen covers, limited to 300 copies.

MIMETIC- Out Of Tune picture-disc LP (Moloko+, Germany) $24
This pic-disc features new remixes of Mimetic's material, situated in the intersection where post-industrial experimentalism, trip-hop, IDM, and moody string sections meet. Despite the different remixers, this flows well as an individual album. With: PHIL VON, COLUMN ONE, NORSCQ, AH CAMA-SOTZ, ELEKTROPLASMA, STOCHA.

MIND SKELP-CHER/THE INFANT CYCLE- Fractured Cassette '95 C50 (Doomsday Transmissions, Canada) $8
A few copies of this rare tape have resurfaced. 1995 caught both projects at their most collage-oriented, soaked in ambiguous atmospheres; dark yet never descending into dark ambient cliches. Spiky sonic images, obscure track titles, and substance hangovers in cassette form.

MINIMATA- Niigata CD (Zone de Confusion, France) $20
Re-issue of the third tape, originally recorded in 1985. Two tracks coming from compilations recorded at the same period, plus one unreleased 17 minute-track recorded in 2002. MLEHST- Another Cross To Bear CDR (The Locus of Assemblage, England) $15
The British tape-culture veteran seems to inhabit the middle ground between ambient noise and harsh noise, using various sound sources- live instrumentation, field recordings, and... that of undeterminable origin. If you are familiar with earlier work, you know to expect the unexpected. Second edition of 100 numbered copies.

THE MOGLASS- NS12 CD (Nexsound, Ukraine) $20
Spacey guitar and electronics excursions from this Ukraine project. Pieces range from echoey krautrock leanings to more darker post-industrial rumblings, an improvised trip through unusual areas.

MOLJEBKA PVLSE- Koan CD (Pre-Feed/Eibon, Italy) $19
Clear but dark dronework, swathed in heavy bass, and journeying through layers of rippling reverb. Needless to say, a very good late-night listen for those who like trips into sonic dreamworlds.

MONEYISGOD- MARKS CD (Heart & Crossbone, Israel) $18
Described as a lethal dose of industrialized and Sludge-grudge, the group exists in their own area of combining electronic, doom and hardcore fused with loud anger.

GEN KEN MONTGOMERY- Drilling Holes CD (Monochrome Vision, Russia) $21
Active in the cassette underground, Gen Ken Montgomery has been a creator, producer, presenter, and all-around advocate of sound art ever since. His work focuses mostly on the rediscovery or recontextualization of domestic sounds, sounds that surround us in our everyday life, from pets and snorers to radiators and electrical appliances.

MURMER- .murmer CDR (Bake Records, Holland) $16
Murmer is Patrick McGinley, who previously appeared on the excellent Chaleur compilation. Given the space of an album, the manipulations of natural sounds are allowed to slowly evolve. Murmer's material walking a thin line between warm ambient moods and colder concrete sound. On Bake Records (a sublabel of Staalplaat).

MYYRMAN- Pornosmagoria CDR (Cold Graey, Russia) $16
This is a solo-project of ArnoldPR of Reutoff. The rhythm is essentially closer to Das Reut, with its apocalyptic harmony and striking-down samples. The music is easy, but you feel its extreme heaviness after digging it. The album goes straight to the deepest sides of consciousness to settle in there and turn everything upside down. Limited to 57 copies in high quality oversized cover.

NARC- Internal Use Only CDR (Deterrent Industries, Canada) $12
British Columbia-based duo who create an instrumental mixture of cutting power-noise rhythms and loops, mixed with melancholic string sounds and melodies that bring to mind Skinny Puppy and Cabaret Voltaire in their more experimental moods.

NEUF LE MUET- Murderous Mind 3" CDR (Cold Graey, Russia) $10
Neuf Le Muet sounds like cross between production of 4AD, some trip-hop and ambinet. Foggy sound, touching voice, some guitar, piano and lots of strong, gloomy emotions. Music to listen to with the extinguished candle, while looking at the cold damp night. Ltd. 57 copies in a poster-sleeve wrapped in parchment and tied with braid.

PHILL NIBLOCK- Music By Phill Niblock CD (XI Records, U.S.A.) $21
Two beautiful long pieces featuring the Soldier String Quartet. Various almost-imperceptible shifts in pitch between various elements (live and pre-recorded) result in a sense of parts of the composition moving closer and further away from a sonic center. The methods are too involved to get into in this short entry, but it is essential for drone-lovers...

99MG/L. PERNICE- Ligne Laterale CD (Fario, France) $19
Split CD between these French artists. 99mg create a chaotic and jagged style of rhythmic music, utilizing distortion and surprising sounds from their collection of guitars, synths, and found sounds. L. Pernice offers a cleaner sound based around often melodic dance loops, often with a spectral current. Included is a collaboration of both artists.

OBJEKT/URIAN- Tonfragmente CD (Nuit Et Brouillard, France) $19
Objekt/Urian is a German duo working with selfmade instruments and old electronics. Their music is a great mixture of dark atmospheric soundscapes and power-electronics with a strong old-school industrial touch at one and the same time original, melodic and powerful...Comes in special nice digipack with new artwork and selected varnished parts.

PAULINE OLIVEROS- No Mo CD (Pogus Productions, U.S.A.) $20
Those only familiar with Ms. Oliveros' environmental- ambient Deep Listening work may be surprised by the work contained on this collection, which were recorded in the mid '60s. Using tape delays and early tone generators, she created pieces that predicted much of the early German electronic and the harsh noise scenes.

ONQ- The Supreme Weight CDR (OuZel Records, Italy) $15
Moody psychedelic songs featuring distant vocals, oddly tuned guitars, and organ drones from this Italian duo. A little different from The Ceiling's usual offerings in that this is more song-based, but still a mesmerizing and enjoyable trip to far off worlds.

ORIGAMI REPUBLIKA & THE 1,765 ALLIED FORCES OF LIGHT- The Free 10 Year Anniversary Album 2xCDR (The Locus of Assemblage, England) $10
Not actually free, sorry (the title refers to the MP3 edition available on the web), but for those not online, here is a great cheap way to investigate the diverse coming and goings of the Origami collective. Disc one explores the various Origamis, while disc two spotlights the various Allied Forces: URD BARBARIAN, HORNORKESTERET, L.C.A., MEDIT, LASSE MARHAUG, REYNOLS, EXLEX, KAPTEINKALIBER, I QUIT !, MY GLASS BESIDE YOURS, KOBI, B9, DEL, BOE/KREY/JARBOE, CLOP NEPLAT and more...

ORPHX AND THE INFANT CYCLE- Interference CD (Hands Productions, Germany) $14
New EP from these Canadian projects. One new original each, and mutual remixes equaling four tracks of skewed, rhythmic electronic overload, dynamic shifts in perspective, and interesting sounds, all within the amorphous swirl of radio interference. In four-way foldout package.

PAUL PANHUYSEN- Partitas For Long Strings CD (XI Records, U.S.A.) $21
Since 1982, Panhuysen has created over 200 installations of long strings.. The three pieces on this disc range from relaxing drones to much more dissonant, involved pieces, all with the otherworldly textures created from the long (not amplified or processed) strings. Included is a 32 page booklet of pictures and text, detailing Panhuysen's history.

PHOLDE- Aperture Of The Internal Surface CDR (Afe, Italy) $16
Once again, this is metal reverberation at its best where rich and harmonic drones resonates in a powerful manifestation of tonal abstractions, clanging collisions and morphing condensations.

PHOLDE- Not Present To The Senses 3" CDR (Total Zero, Canada) $9
EP from the more meditative side of Knurl. Heavy metal (literally).

PHYCUS- Megachannel Extraterrestrial Array CDR (Total Zero, Canada) $16
A limited edition (99 numbered copies) release that offers a sneak peak at the upcoming vinyl releases. As dark and aggressive as ever, as you've come to know and love them.

POLKKA LOVE MACHINE- self-titled CDR (Zhelezobeton, Russia) $15
Polkka Love Machine is the title of a performance made by the Finnish theatrical group Sabotanic Garden founded by Pasi Mäkelä and Jussi Saivo. The piece appeared in 2009 and has toured extensively ever since in France, Germany, Austria, USA, Czech, Estonia and Finland. Now it's been turned into a musical project in which Pasi and Jussi explore the depths of ritual eroticism. Limited to 77 numbered copies.

PRAYING FOR OBLIVION/LAVA- split CD (Bar La Muerte, Italy) $19
Praying For Oblivion create layers of jagged noise scraps, constantly twisting and turning, occasionally augmented with angry vocals. Lava is A034 and Bar La Muerte kingpin Bruno Dorella, who in contrast, create a tightly rhythmic piece of layered analogue synth noise, inspired by "Space Is The Place".

PROJEKT KARPATY MAGICZNE- Ethnocore CD (Fly Music, Poland) $18
The Magic Carpathians present a multi-layered sound: at times a ritualistic trance drone, at other times a strange middle eastern funk. Often the two are blended together with many other discrete elements, electronic and acoustic, musical and "non-musical". An imaginative CD with some astounding vocal work.

PS STAMPS BACK/BOTONG untitled 3" CDR (1000+1 TiLT, Greece)$13
live collaboration in athens. field recordings, contact mics,loops, drones. soundscapes for frozen lands.

RADIO SHACK/RADIO SHOCK- split 7" EP (Breathmint/Ignivomous/Carbon/Sunship/Roger, U.S.A.) $10
Fittingly, instead of legally wrangling over the name (which is already a registered trademark of a slightly larger entity), the two similarily-named crews share a slab of vinyl. Apparently what seems to be the ultra-cheap electronics of the afore-mentioned chain dominates, but mutated and added to the already strange sonic identities of the two groups.

NEBOYSHA RAKIC- Winter Light CDR (Cohort Records, U.S.A.) $18
Neb Rakic recorded a couple of cassettes for Doomsday Transmissions under the moniker A.E.R., until dropping it due to confusion with a British project who used the same name. Those familiar with his earlier work will be pleased to him pursuing his folkish psychedelic loop ambience, into even deeper and fragmented fields. In large folder cover.

RAPOON- Dark Rivers CD (Lens, USA) $16
Dark Rivers is the sonic exploration and reflection of a particular stretch of landscape in the north of England. This is the home of Rapoon's Robin Storey and it is an essential part of who he is. Album #25 from acclaimed ambient industrial artist Robin Storey.

REBRO- Insane CD (Artificial Records, U.S.A.) $19
Not really stuck in any particular subgenre, Rebro have created a release that incorporates many disparate strands, from moody guitar sounds, to electronic melodies, strange cut-up samples, drum 'n' bass slicing and dicing all flowing (and occasionally colliding) into a seamless whole.

REMOTEBAND- Pinche Madre CDR (Abgurd, Russia) $14
Mysterious Russian dark drone project. Limited to 100 copies.

RM74- Mikrosport CD (Domizil, Switzerland) $22
Very small sounds that often fall into strange patterns of very quick edits, taking full advantage of the stereo spectrum and silence. Like other Domizil releases, this seems to explore the outer limits of computer composition, creating a strange landscape from sources like flirring neons and digital and analog sound errors. Angular sounds for relaxation.

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