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SAL SOLARIS- Thresholds CD (Zhelezobeton, Russia) $22
"Thresholds" is the first Sal Solaris solo album in 15 years marked by a variety of collaborations, splits and minor releases. From a musical point of view this is probably the most complex and certainly the most rhythmic work of the duo which opens a new chapter in its history. Limited to 333 copies.

SAN ANDREAS Old Men Dream In Reverse EP 3" CDR $6
The only name that matters.

THE SAND RAYS- Senor Trainwhistle EP 3" CDR $6
CEIL's new house band is as wayward as the last, leaving a trail of crumbs that leads down a steep cliff. This is the debut EP.

RAY SANDS Escalator Attendant 3" CDR $6
Nothing to do with The Sand Rays. Another of the cancelled 7"s planned for CEIL, instead on a shiny, tiny disc. Bass guitar hazy moodiness, with no download intruding on things.

SANDRA Y. (pl.) 3" CDR $6
Y et another refugee from the series of cancelled CEIL 7"s. Frequency immersion vs. download laziness and album snobs.

THE SAND RAYS- A Mysterious Disc 3" CDR (CEIL, Canada) $7

SHIMRI- Lilies Of The Field CD (ArtOfFact, Canada) $19
This is a side-project of Mentallo & The Fixer, although this sound is very different from their main activities. The sound on this CD is actually quite melodic, instrumental industrial with strong cinematic overtones, yet with a rough edge that won't let you leave it in the background.

SHRINE- Distorted Legends 7" (Drone, Germany) $14
Behind SHRINE we find a fresh experimental drone project from Bulgaria (currently residing in England) combining the melancholia of distorted synths with odd micro noises & effects. The fusion of rough and thunderous drones with hidden melodies evokes a strong emotional impact, like the feeling of being stuck in a confusing dream. SHRINE's philosophy shows a way to realize that what we call “reality” is to be mistrusted based upon our usual perceptions. The distortion of this reality opens up a chance to better understand its true essence and confront the things that lie behind the surface. 300 copies, numbered. Full-colour oversized gatefold sleeve.

ART SIMON- More Of The Same CD (Cohort Records, U.S.A.) $16
Compositions incorporating loud rhythms, theremin tones, and dense layers of computer-processed guitars. Hand-made packages too!

SINT- self-titled book and CD (Nautilus, Italy) $20
From the ashes of the Italian group CCC-CNC-NCN comes Sint. Twelve tracks of engaging electronic music filled with memorable melodies are accompanied by twelve full-colour illustrations representing the nighttime journey of the dreaming mind in this beautiful package.

SIX HEADS- self-titled CDR (Disembraining Songs, Canada) $13
From the ashes of Toronto's Urban Refuse Group, W.A. Davison, S.L. Higgins and cohorts have formed several spacious improvised soundscapes, brimming with mysterious sounds, quiet drones and unusual instruments. Surreal music for surreal people...

SIZZLE- Le Territoire Des Ames CDR (Facthedral's Hall, France) $12
An interesting and hypnotic mixture of trip-hop, dark noise and melodies, modified bizarre sounds, and danceable beats from the little-known but always interesting French group. Imagine the wayward experimentations of Dome transplanted to the new millennium, and you may get an idea of the directions of this CD.

SIZZLE- Natural Elements CDR (Facthedral's Hall, France) $12
The follow-up to LTDA finds Sizzle compacting the experiments into easier bite-sized pieces. Catchy, moody, yet nonetheless very strange, Natural Elements may be the best place to start with this French group.

SPHERE REX- For Electronics And Solo Piano CD (Muzyka Voln, Russia) $22
Quiet, meditative and pure analogue ambient music, built around piano improvisations. Calm prevails.

SUKORA- Oeo LP (Ignivomous, U.S.A.) $18
Very minimal and quiet release that seems to draw on feedback and turntable noise (if our ears are detecting the sources correctly). Perhaps the ultimate release for turntable fetishism, examining up close the warm beauty of vinyl surface noise.

SURVIVOURS/DUNDERHEAD/BARAKI- Alt.Frequencies 2 12" EP (Worm Interface, England) $14
The original CD compilation that this 12" excerpts is very scarce these days, but three fine track are still obtainable here. Driving rhythms, from ominous to light-hearted, perhaps on the format where they truly belong.

THE SUZUKI KID- 2002 AC/DC CDR (Total Zero, Canada) $15
Crazed new release from the Montreal Kid. Exceedingly harsh drum'n'bass rhythms topped off with demented MC-ing, propelled straight into your skull. An atmosphere of high-speed fun prevails, along with the most gratuitous use of the word "motherfucker" ever.

TELEFORM- self-titled CD (Domizil, Switzerland) $20
Teleform is the project of Bernd Schurer from Das Erdwerk. With help from Stefan Thut (also from Erdwerk) and Marcus Maeder, Schurer has created a new CD of very precise and tiny excerpts of sounds arranged into powerful and evocative pieces: sometimes demanding soundscapes, and occasionally suggesting drum'n'bass at its most abstract.

THEME- Forever (Lost) Valentine CD (Heart & Crossbone, Israel) $18
Valentine (Lost) Forever, the new (and third) album from Theme, a band comprised of Stuart Carter, Jeanne Boyer and Richard Johnson (from Splintered fame), is a hallucinogenic musical intersection where barbed words alter into shady mantras over a mesh of krautrock-inspired drones and cascading guitar strums collide with an oblique tamboura and foggy electronics, catching Theme exploring their environment with renewed vigor and nothing but questions left: Either open-ended or vying for interpretation. Includes a remix from ex-Banshee Steve Severin.

ROBERT SCOTT THOMPSON- Poesis Athesis CD (Lens, USA) $16
Poesis Athesis marks the debut release on Lens Records from internationally acclaimed composer Robert Scott Thompson. Having originally worked together in the mid-80's, Chi Kung Master Terrence Dunn (an admirer of Robert's music) once again contacted Thompson to compose music for his current series of video releases. Thompson composed the music to work specifically with the pace, mood and dynamics of the Flying Phoenix form of Chi Kung. The collaboration eventually spanned ten films and Thompson composed more than ten hours worth of music over a two year period. The thirteen tracks on Poesis Athesis are rooted in Robert Scott Thompson's ambient style but also blend it with elements of electronica, ethnic influences and a personal homage to French composer Erik Satie.

TRANCE- Compiled CD (Monochrome Vision, Russia) $21
Trance is the one-man project by american musician Mason Jones, known also as the founder of Charnel House label. During the 10 years of existence, he released 4 albums and numerous compilation tracks, which are often even more original and precious than album tracks. That's why Monochrome Vision decided to gather them altogether for this release, which collects the most interesting material from the archives of the underground network.

TROUM- AIWS CD (Transgredient, Germany) $23
Covers studio-recordings composed from 2002-2005, Composed with guitar-drones and harmonic phrases that are processed in various ways creating an atmosphere of the sublime and emotional meditative states that transcend listener to immerse within themselves. These musicians have compiled some of their most favorable pieces through the years to be placed on this release.

TROUM- Sigqan CD (Transgredient, Germany) $24
Germany's beloved drone duo keep on melting our minds. Re-issue of the long deleted album from 2003 (Desolation House), comes with new artwork feat. UV-high gloss spots, designed by Alan McClelland.

TROUM- Ljubimaya/Daur CD (Abgurd, Russia) $20
Two 10" vinyl EPs combined and reissued: "Ljubimaya" 10" (May 2003) and "Daur" 10"(June 1998).

TWINE- :reference: CD (AdAstra, U.S.A.) $19
Quite a mixture of sounds in this dark electronica release, from overflowing dark ambient sounds, drum 'n' bass elements, occasionally abrasive textures, imaginative effects. Mysterious and captivating sounds for those who like their rhythms torn away from the "nice pop song" context.

UNDECISIVE GOD- self-titled CDR (Shame File, Australia) $15
Drifting guitar-generated drones and noises from the Australian project, occasionally erupting into feedback-drenched heavy noise rock. Includes a Dead C. cover.

THE UNIREVERSE- Katron 12" EP (Total Zero, Canada) $14
Hot the heels of their popular debut CDR, our favourite Montreal Moog trio return with their first vinyl release. Once again they cover Godspeed You Black Emporer, and also take on Hawkwind and The Silver Apples, mutated into the Unireverse's unusual style.

THE UNIREVERSE- Plays The Music Vol. II: Explosions D'Etoiles CDR (Total Zero, Canada) $15
Newest album from the U., this time taking on another diverse group of covers (The Human League, J.J. Cale, Donna Summer), that oddly enough, don't sound that different from their takes on Hawkwind, Silver Apples etc. As well, this outing features two new originals spotlighting their electronic squelchiness. Great multi-reflective cover.

UPHOLD- Transexpose CDR (Dangermuff Enterproses, Canada) $10
This was originally composed as a radio program. Uphold's distinctive multi-layered approach to noise soundscapes, spoken word, and a million and one obscure samples focus on the transgender individual and community; alternatingly haunting, funny, saddening, and joyous, never staying in any sort of static moment.

UPHOLD- Pony Tale CDR (Dangermuff Enterproses, Canada) $10
The newest release. Of all the tape-culture denizens that appeared in Southern Ontario in the '90s, Uphold (formerly known as Greenman), may be the most criminally overlooked. Not easy to digest on first listen, Uphold throws a clusterbomb of conflicting sounds, emotions, and skillfully interweaves, so that it would take a lifetime to fathom it.

VITRIOL- Radonee 0.06 CD (SIRR.ecords, Portugal) $21
This EP-length CD is made up of engaging sounds, seemingly from the everyday environment, but altered and introduced into strange, unlikely contexts, often accompanied by distant tones. This Portuguese collective have added an interesting new voice into the worldwide pool of sound-altering artists.

VLOR- Six-Winged CD (Silber Records, U.S.A.) $16
New full-length from the Silber collective, featuring appearances from members of Remora, Aarktika, 6PM, Plumerai, The Infant Cycle, mwvm and many others. A diverse but coherent place, standing in the intersection where ambient guitar noise, post-rock, and garage aggressiveness meet, bathed in a sweet lo-fi light.

VOICE OF EYE- Live LP (Anomalous Records, U.S.A.) $18
This LP documents two live performances from 1994. Even away from the studio, this duo are adept at weaving mesmerizing tapestries of electronics and acoustic instruments over a percussive base. Red vinyl.

DAVID WELLS- Efegin 3" CDR (SiRiDisc, UK) $10
Based on the master tapes of The Infant Cycle's track "Ephedrin Bird Samba", David Wells coaxes out the drones buried deep in that track into a 20 minute glide through harmonic and textural shifts, drones simultaneously warm and dark. Signed and numbered edition of 100 copies.

X3D5 & NOISES OF RUSSIA- Theurgy CDR (Zhelezobeton, Russia) $15
Dead Christ, letters of Escher, The Last Judgement, dark ambient with vodka, daemons of anxiety, feverish rhythmic noise with a rash on mucous, a rope, a bullet, icy haze and everything you are afraid to know about the fate of our Heavenly Homeland in the new album of X3D5 x Noises Of Russia "Theurgy". The Gloom Of Motherland, how sweet it is, how homely! limited to 77 numbered copies!

Z'EV- Sum Things CD (Cold Spring, UK) $18
2009 album from the legendary percussion artist, with a dark drone ambient flavour, primal.

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